Why GTA 5 Train Can’t Be Stopped?

Why GTA 5 Train Can’t Be Stopped?


Why GTA 5 train can't be stopped


Why GTA 5 train can’t be stopped? It is the most talked feature about this game. There are many videos in youtube about stoping this, many youtubers also tried to stop the train. But it was quite impossible to stop the train in GTA 5. But why this was impossible? A game developer explains the reason behind this.

The freight train in GTA 5 is developed as an immovable object. There are mainly two kinds of objects in GTA 5. One is static object and the other is dynamic object. Dynamic objects can be affected when they acted upon and it is called as outside stimuli. The examples of dynamic objects are cars and characters. The dynamic objects can be controlled when they compete or colliding with other objects like cars can be controlled in the game always. The characters also can be controlled or can be blocked or killed by other objects.

On other hand static is totally opposite from the dynamic. Static objects can’t be controlled by outside force. They are not movable or affected by other objects. The examples could be houses,trees etc. In one word static objects are developed on that way so that they can push the player aside.

Generally in GTA 5, the train is developed as a static object. That’s why the train is unstoppable. But why? The reason is dynamic objects has no effects on the static object. But the static object have an effect on dynamic ones.

As the train is developed as static object so that it can’t be stopped. Static object doesn’t mean that it is unmovable. It can be moved through their x/y/z coordinates. But you can only stop the train if you dig into GTA 5’s code and prevent the x/y/z coordinates from rewritten and then the train will be stopped.

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