What is website SEO and How it Works

What is website SEO and How it Works

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To get organic traffic for website SEO is the most important thing. You can ask what is SEO. SEO means search engine optimization. It helps your website on growing and rank higher on Google.


To rank a website on google SEO is the main thing. With seo a website can rank very quickly. SEO helps you to get organic traffic from Google. Without organic traffic a website can never rank high on Google. There are many source for getting traffic on a website. But the main and organic source must be direct from search engine. Because it will help to grow website. That’s why SEO is very important.


There are basically 2 types of SEO. They are:- Black-Hat SEO and White-Hat SEO.


Black-Hat SEO:


When the SEO is done in a wrong way that is called Black-Hat SEO. Like not giving proper keywords, using worthless keywords, visiting the site now and then so that the traffic can be increased. With the Black-Hat SEO one can get traffic on a website but it doesn’t stay for a longer. Black-Hat SEO affects the website on a negative way for a longer. It causes the website getting down. So it would be better not to do Black-Hat SEO on a website.


White-Hat SEO:


White-Hat SEO is the most truthful method to rank higher on search engine. It takes time to rank higher by doing White-Hat SEO but still it is the best method. By giving proper keywords and making quality backlinks, we can do White-Hat SEO.


How To Do SEO:


There are mainly two ways to do SEO. We can do SEO on two methods. One is On-Page SEO and the other one is OFF-Page SEO. To optimize a website both the ways are important. But if a person is new on website and on SEO then it would better for him/her to do On-Page SEO first.


On-Page SEO is all about giving the quality contents,using the proper keywords,giving proper tags,meta tags etc. It is also important to give proper search description.


On the other hand Off-Page SEO is all about making good domain authority,page authority, making quality backlinks, using the links on social media etc.


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