PES 2021 Launched

PES 2021 Launched

efootball Pes 2021

Konami has launched Efootball Pes 2021 today. It is a season update of Pes 2020. They have launched Pes 2021 for PC/Console/Ps4.

Efootball Pes is a very well known game. The game is improving day by day. It has already started to give a hard time to EA Sports’s Fifa game. Konami has made PES a Revolutionary game. They will launch a popular game engine called Unreal Engine in Pes 2022.

There will not so much changes in pes 2021. It is only a season update of Pes 2020. The game contains master league which is similar to manager mode in Fifa. In master league, one can enjoy the feel of coaching a great team and great players. The game has also a feature of Become a legend which is basically a carrer mode. It is a very interesting feature. One can feel the life of a great footballer by playing this mode. Pes also contains a high quality graphics. It has the real faces of players and coaches.

Pes is a great game not only for PC or Console but also for mobile. This game has made a revolution in mobile football game with high quality graphics. The update of Efootball Pes Mobile 2021 is expected to come in late October.

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