How QR codes work and their history

How QR codes work and their history

QR code generally means Quick Response code which is quickly readable by a cell phone. It works through scan which contains a wide multitude information. QR codes have a wide range of us all over the world.

Basically it works in the same as barcode works. But generally a QR code contains more than a Barcode. Because QR codes have the ability of holding information both horizontally and vertically while Barcodes can hold information only horizontal information. QR codes have a higher capability of transferring information. That’s why their popularity in increasing.

QR code was first used Japan’s Kanban which is a communication tool. This tool is used in automotive industry. They quickly get the QR codes versatility. That’s why they started to use QR codes everywhere. From the production to shipping they started to use QR codes. They also started to use QR codes in transactions. Following the demand of traceability for products in society, mainly food and pharmaceutical industries realized how they could use the QR codes which could provide their businesses a huge advantage.

As a result, Hara takes the decision not to keep patent rights, people started to use QR codes in their daily lives. Later in 2000, QR code was added to ISO international standards. This allowed the QR codes to be used across world. After the invention of smartphone, QR codes get a stronger position which is increasing day by day and it gives a huge popularity to QR codes.

There are various types of QR codes. Such as Micro QR codes, IQR codes, FrameQR codes etc. Codes that fit on smaller items are called Micro QR codes. It generally contain less information. On the other hand IQR codes can contain both larger and smaller information. IQR codes are rectangular in shape and FrameQR codes were developed to use more creativity on a QR codes.

Generally modern QR codes contain 7 parts. Each part creates a pixel pattern which looks like a crossword puzzle. Each element of a QR code contains specific information like  as the print direction, timing, error tolerance etc. 

Nowadays, QR codes are mainly scanned by smartphones. There are many apps for both Android and Iphone which can scan QR codes. Phone’s cameras are also used for scanning QR codes. Scanning QR code is very easy nowadays. One can just open an app and it will start scan QR code automatically with the touch of a button.


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